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The Kettle Reservations


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Late / Cancellation:

We understand , life happens. However, when parties come late it pushes subsequent reservations back making other patrons who are on time wait for their table !

Parties that are late for their reservation time are given a 15 minutes window to arrive. Given the limited seating of the restaurant, fifteen minutes late with no contact will void your reservation. Please understand, this is solely due to the size and seating capacity of the restaurant. If you are late, we urge you to contact us so we can make our best effort to accommodate you and your party.

Allergies & Dietary Restrictions:

Please inform us of any dietary allergies or intolerances in advance to ensure safety. Our restaurant does not offer an allergen or gluten-free environment, and menu items may be prepared using the same equipment which may pose cross-contact risks. We cannot guarantee allergen-free items, even when specially ordered.

Time Limit Policies:

Time limit per table per reservation: Because we are scheduling multiple parties each morning & evening and have to account for reservations later in the service as well as the time it takes to serve each guest, we reserve the right to limit your time at the table to 1.5 hour for dine-in (timed from the scheduled reservation; not the time seated).

We also ask that 100% of the total number of guests be present at the time of seating. If some members are late and other members would like to start without them, please note that the restaurant will not be able to push other reservations back.


You are most welcome to bring your own cake. Please be advised that we will be charging a flat rate of $20 CAD before taxes as service and facilitation fees over and above your total bill for bringing in your own cake.

Please note, fireworks cannot be used in the restaurant due to the sensitivity of our Fire & Hazard Safety Norms.


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